Wholesale tires

  • Comprehensive tire logistics from professionals.
  • A full range of services including customs clearance of cargo, certification and labeling.
  • We organize the delivery of your goods – any tires from China to Russia, Belarus, CIS countries.
  • We offer CIF delivery of tires to any port of the world.

Terms of cooperation

When ordering or requesting prices, please download the Excel file (XLS) of the brand you are interested in, enter the desired quantity of products for the order and send to our mail: afa-nataly@yandex.ru
Minimum order

1 container from one plant (if the plant produces several brands, it is possible to form a general order for one container).

Payment when buying in bulk 1 container

Upon confirmation of the order 30%, after shipment from the factory within 7-25 days - 70%.


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company Energosfera Ltd.:

Jan Fabricius str. 3, Office 1013, 180017, Pskov region, Pskov, Russia.

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